Rail Transit

Train train body, magnetic levitation train, seat;

Automobile drive shaft, racing car, tail wing, hood, fairing;


Aircraft: Primary structural parts: main wing, tail wing, airframe; secondary structural parts: auxiliary wing, rudder, elevator.Interior materials: floor, partition, beam, washroom, seat

Rocket: booster, protective cover, engine cover, high-frequency transmitter, artificial satellite, antenna, solar panel, structural parts.

National Defense and Military Industry

Mainly used in warship thrusters, masts, hull structures; military transport boxes, military equipment chassis, radar antenna covers, armor protection, etc.

Wind Power

Electromechanical products: parabolic antenna, speaker, VTR parts, CD parts, heating tube;

Wind power generation: blades, main engines, scroll pumps;

Photovoltaic Power

The thermal field components of polysilicon hydrogenation furnaces and monocrystalline silicon growth furnaces can be made into plate-shaped, disc-shaped, cylindrical, cone-barrel-shaped and other specifications.


Medical machinery: X-ray instruments, surgical supplies, wheelchairs, artificial organs; 

Civil construction: seismic, reinforcement, and reinforcement materials for bridges, tunnels, and concrete structures; 

Office appliances: printer bearings, cams, dry batteries; 

Precision instruments: camera parts, large mechanical parts; 

Corrosion-resistant appliances: pump parts, large mechanical parts, sealing materials; 

Marine ships: sailing boats, cruisers, competitive boats, main masts, propellers;

Reinforcing materials: high temperature and heat-resistant materials, reinforced metals, ceramics, resin composite materials;